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Stormwater Management

Let Steve Groff Excavation take care of any Act 167 stormwater management concerns on your business or residential property. Under Act 167, all counties are required to develop watershed-based stormwater management plans, and once approved by DEP, municipalities are required to implement them.

We can help devise a plan that best manages stormwater and help prevent discharges to protect land development and use. Our years of experience working with companies in need of excavation, as well as parking lot and driveway installations, has equipped us with the knowledge to professionally and effectively help control stormwater runoff that comes from impervious surfaces. We partner with companies to protect properties and site projects.

Let us help you avoid channel erosion, localized flooding, and property damage with local stormwater management services including:

  • Porous paving
  • Wet ponds
  • Infiltration basins and trenches
  • Rain gardens
  • Bioretention swales
  • Riparian buffers

We will take care of construction, repair, and rehabilitation. We can even help you through the permit process.

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