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About Us

Steve Groff Excavation was founded in the Spring of 2021 as an extension of Steve Groff Masonry Inc. when Steve purchased a small, local excavation company. Bringing excavation and masonry together under one business allows a seamless transition on jobs where both services are needed.

Travis Scheurich is the Project Manager for Steve Groff Excavation and joined the company in 2021 to help spearhead its growth, oversee the equipment, and manage the shop.

Travis began working right out of high school installing HVAC equipment. He then attended school to learn how to operate heavy machinery and got his CDL, then entered the field of excavating. He did excavating for four years at a local excavating company before he got a job at LCSWMA running heavy equipment and doing building and equipment maintenance. He then shifted gears back into excavating when Steve expressed interest in bringing him on board to manage his excavating division.

Travis and his wife, Sarah, live in Millersville and have a German Shepherd named Shrimp and two cats named Skunk and Slinky.

Art & Molly Miller
  • Stormwater Managementalt
  • Utility Trenchingalt
  • Driveway Installationalt
  • Erosion & Sediment Controlalt
  • Sewer & Drainfield Installationalt
  • Agricultural Excavationalt
  • Grading & General Siteworkalt
  • Demolition Servicesalt